Natasha Christia assumes DOCfield>16’s artistic direction

Independent curator, writer and educator works on the topic Europe: Lost in Translation to elaborate a proposal of unpublished content for the next edition of the Documentary Photography Festival that’ll be held next spring in Barcelona. “It’s time to talk about us, about what Europe is today, who we are and who we were or what we pretended, as well as what we have to be now and what we aspire to be.” In the background, a questioning about the ideological principal and fundamental values ​​on which the coexistence of countries is based within a specific geographical and cultural boundaries context. In this sense, her work will be structured by the theme of identity and values, with the idea of ​​including emerging national and international authors, material that explores hybrid genres and photographers that have published books.

Christia (Athens, 1976) understands photography under a nearby conceptual conviction. Her research focuses on the exploration and reinvention of dominant narratives through a novel reading of archival collections, the intersection of photography, film and the photobook, and the dialogue between 20th century avant-garde photography and contemporary forms of expression. For DOCfield> 16 she will develop a program that includes group shows and street proposals to reinforce the aim of the festival and reach the general public. “I’m interested in images that make people doubt and bring up questions, images that reflect the ambiguity of life and avoid the categorical.”

© David Urbano

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