JOURNEY | Open call until September 8th 2017

© Eyad Abou Kasem | Small Forest on the Other Side

© Eyad Abou Kasem | Small Forest on the Other Side


Why do we move? How does the journey transform us? How do we face the encounter with the other? Is human mobility a condition, a privilege, or a need?


Leaded by the above suggested questions, we approach a new edition of DOCfield Barcelona, Documentary Photography Festival, and call for submissions of audiovisual projects that explore and reflect on the theme of the journey in terms of mobility, either caused by desire or need, as well as travel journals, among other documentary narratives. Selected works will be screened at NITS DOCfield, the free projection evenings that will take place within the festival.


Projects must have a maximum duration of 10 minutes and be subtitled in Catalan, Spanish or English.

Files must be sent by email to, have a resolution of 1080p / HD and be named as follows:
Los proyectos han de tener una duración máxima de 10 minutos y estar subtitulados en catalán, castellano o inglés.


Photographic Social Vision, festival’s organization, takes into account the payment of copyright royalties for public performance and exhibition.


Deadline for submissions: September 8th 2017 (23:00 h GMT)