Sábados & domingos - las 11.30h

Guided Tours

English guided tours only upon request:

DOCfield Barcelona organises guided visits to the festival’s key exhibitions, providing more detailed information about the reportages on show.

Palau Robert – Exhibition “The Family Imprint” by Nancy Borowick

Sundays at 11.30

One can only truly understand and appreciate life when faced with one’s own mortality. This is the personal story of the photographer’s parents as they fought stage-4 cancer, side by side. It is a tribute to their strength, individually and together, a daughter’s portrait of love and loss, and a family legacy that touches us deeply.

Rounding off the visit is a short introduction to the exhibition “Senior Love Triangle” by Isadora Kosofsky (garden) and the installation of Family Portrait in the display windows.


CC Pati Llimona – Exhibition “Banned Beauty” by Heba Khamis

Saturdays at 11:30

A documentary project about breast ironing in Cameroon, a practice that consists in pressing or massaging girls’ breasts to conceal the advance of maturity. The project shows a contradictory act of love that inflicts pain to protect girls from sexual violence and adolescent pregnancies.


Price per participant: 8€ for one exhibition / 12€ for two exhibitions

Duration: 1 hour

Guides: Alice Monteil, Isma Montfort, Paula Ericsson, Elena Vallet



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