In its desire to bring us the best in documentary photography, DOCfield>15 offers a range of activities aimed at publics of all ages. In the form of photographic workshops and educational ideas with flexible formats, adapted to different collectives (children, adolescents, students and adults), we offer a complement to classical visual training plus other tools to help you enjoy the festival.


22.11.18 a las 18:30h en Fotocolectania

Charla con fotógrafa - Nancy Borowick

05.12.18 a las 19h en Palau Robert

Projection & Festival finissage

21.11.18 a las 19h en Palau Robert

Photographer Talk - Nancy Borowick

14.11.18 a las 19h en Palau Robert

Photographer Talk - César Dezfuli

Sábados & domingos a las 11.30h

Guided Tours

22.11.18 a las 19h en Fotocolectania

Dummy Award Day - Photobooks

Días lectivos a horas convenidas

Photo Workshop - Yes, we love