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Nits DOCfield>15
Call for entries

DOCfield> 15 calls for entries to receiving photographic, audiovisual and multimedia works for Nits DOCfield>15, the free outdoor screening nights taking place during June. Submit your work until April 7th!

Under the focus of The heart of the matter, chosen by Jessica Murray to curate this year’s festival, there’ll be four different subjects referred to Nits DOCfield>15:

1. Stree Photography
2. From my Block (local storytelling from around the world by photographers working at home)
3. In motion
4. Resistance

The purpose is to open the festival for new documentary photographic and multimedia proposals and frame them in an initiative that recognizes its relevance and social value. We are searching for talented authors with expressive ability to communicate in their own language and show through photography and multimedia their particular vision of reality. We seek solid and elaborate projects, even if they are only in their beginning, to give them visibility in this festival which makes Barcelona a center of documentary photography.

Until next April 7th (14 hours) you may send your submissions to

The artistic director of the festival will select the works to be screened and announce their decision to the photographers by 30 April. The festival’s organization takes into account the payment of copyright royalties for public performance and exhibition.


To take part in the Street Photography theme night, submitted selections should be no more than 60 photographs and no less than 30. They must be JPEGS (72dpi – 1200 pixels), named and numbered in sequence. Example: AuthorsName_001.jpg

All other submissions (From my Block, In Motion and Resistance) must be edited audiovisuals, no longer than 7 minutes. They must include Spanish subtitles when possible or English as an alternative. Files must be 1080p / HD, named and titled. Example:


Closing DOCfield>14

Last Thursday we shared with all those who have made possible DOCfield>14 the closing event of the festival. We are proud of how, all together, have made possible this second edition.

Just a word for the authors, collaborators, friends, sponsors, photo lovers, locations and visitors of the festival… THANK YOU!

At Photographic Social Vision we are already working for the 2015 edition, but first of all we wish you a very happy summer and to enjoy this well deserved holiday!

See you at DOCfield>15!


Foto: Macarena Catalán

Last week of 8 exhibitions!

Shane y Maggie of Sara Lewkowicz in Centre Cívic Pati Llimona, closure July 26
Anonymization of Robert Pittman in CFD, Creació de Fotografía Documental, closure July 25
Young Patriots of Oriol Segon in F. Català Roca, espai de fotografia, Centre Cívic Golferichs, closure July 25
Barely Legal of Paola de Grenet in F. Català Roca, espai de fotografia, Centre Cívic Golferichs , closure July 25
Yakuza of Anton Kusters in Galería Tagomago, closure July 25
Wonderland of Álvaro Laiz in la Galería Il Mondo, closure July 26
The last mine of Oriol Clavera in Centre Cívic Fort Pienc, closure July 25
10 años de Ruido of Ruido Photo in Universitat de Barcelona, closure July 26

Closing event of DOCfield>14 Festival

DOCfield>14 festival will soon be officially closed after 2 months and half sharing more than 50 exhibitions, 2 night-time screenings al fresco, the creation of the first edition of DOCfield Dummy Award, guided tours to groups and many more activities.

Thursday 24 of July on the Balcony of the Arts Santa Mònica (La Rambla, 7)
With the collaboration of Estrella Damm

Time: From 20:00 to 23:00 hrs.

Save the date!


Dummy Award event

Yesterday afternoon at The Folio Club we celebrated the Award event of DOCfield Dummy Award Fundació Banc Sabadell.

The ceremony was conducted by Miquel Molins, President of Fundació Banc Sabadell, Silvia Omedes, Director of DOCfield14, Ines Casals, Coordinator of Dummy Award and Miguel Ángel Casares, Director of The Folio Club. The photographer Vicky Méndiz collected the prize, and Maite Caramés, Alberto Prieto (Desguace), Jon Arruti, and Eduardo Díaz recived a special mention.

After the award ceremony, the exhibition was oficially opened with all selected dummys and will be available until september 15.

Dummy Award and exhibition

We are approaching the award day and opening of the exhibition and look forward to meeting all of you; participants, family and friends. Be there!

DAY: 16th July
TIME: 19:30 h
VENUE: THE FOLIO CLUB. Roc Boronat 37. Barcelona

The photobooks of the authors mentioned below are part of the exhibition that will take place from the 16th July to the 15th Septeber at The Folio Club.

You can pick up your dummies from 15th Sepetember on at THE FOLIO CLUB. Roc Boronat 37. Barcelona

Vicky Méndiz

Maite Caramés, Alberto Prieto (Desguace), Jon Arruti, Eduardo Díaz

Ana Darder, Agus Prats, Alberto Prieto (Desguace), Clara Conill, Dani Pujalte, María Daniela Quirós, Eduardo Díaz, Fernando Moleres, Gerard Boyer, Helena Rovira, Javier Aristu, Jason Jaworski, Jon Arruti, Jen Osborne, José Ferrer, Lea Tyrallovà, Lidia Carrera, Luca de Sienna, Maite Caramés, Marina Rago, Mattia Insolera, Pablo Lerma, Santos Montes.