Be Good by Maria Sturm receives the DOCfield Dummy Award Fundació Banc Sabadell

The dummy of Be Good, by photographer Maria Sturm, has won the second DOCfield Dummy Award Fundació Banc Sabadell. The Award jury, made up of Natasha Christia, Roser Cambray, Israel Ariño, Gonzalo Golpe and Miguel Ángel Casares, met yesterday at the headquarters of Fundació Photographic Social Vision and chose this project that portrays child marriages in Romania for its solid and evocative photographic approach, the coherence between theme and focus, and the unity of tone of the images. “This is a long-term research project that establishes the right distance between content and container; it strikes a balance between the book-as-object and the story behind it; the sequence, the layout of the images and the pace are coherently resolved. In addition to its powerful photographic quality, it is the dummy with the greatest possibilities in terms of design and publication.”

This was the verdict of the jury members on their choice of Be Good as winner of the second DOCfield Dummy Award Fundació Banc Sabadell and its publication, valued at 3,000€, to be carried out by The Folio Club. The winning dummy will also be included in the private collection of Fundació Banc Sabadell.

In addition, three of the more than 30 dummies entered in the competition have been chosen as finalists. First, Hashtag by Marta Mantyka, about Auschwitz concentration camp as a tourist destination and the publication of photos in the social networks, was chosen as a complete and well balanced work that skilfully addresses the connection between form and substance. Second, the jury highlighted the paging and conceptualization of the dummy Can Llebeig by Clara Conill, a story about an island and a family that tells of the journey through family memories and photos. Finally, Fi Su by Javier Corso materializes a documentary project about the problems arising from excessive alcohol consumption in Finland. The jury particularly mentioned the photographer’s gaze, which manages to arouse the viewer’s curiosity.

Tomorrow sees the Award ceremony  at the headquarters of the printer’s and the opening of the exhibition with the winning dummy, the finalists and the rest of the shortlisted dummies.

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