The DOCfield15 closing party

Empty wine glasses, icy beers and infernal heat were with us at seven in the evening. Gradually, people began expectantly to flood the new Galería Carlos Taché Projects and the exhibition that opened the venue and at the same time closed this third edition of the DOCfield Festival: Melting Landscapes by Fernando Moleres.

Despite the labyrinthine entrance to the gallery, the courtyard filled up with a party marked by an almost ebullient family atmosphere, though still committed to what had brought us all here together over the last two months: documentary photography. In Melting Landscapes, one of the leading figures of national photojournalism, Fernando Moleres, offers a dramatically respectful expression of the environmental problem supposed by the melting of the Arctic icecap. Creating contradiction for any observing eye, the artist manages to turn something tragic into a work of art, and the beauty of the drama leaves no one indifferent.

With Melting Landscapes, the need for documentary photography to be shown in galleries and collected becomes even more evident, if possible. But tonight, no melting could quench the fire that raged, both inside and outside the space. For that we had the cold beers of Estrella Damm, the white wine of Palomo Cojo, and the ice cubes melting in the 30 degrees of Barcelona. A fun DOCfield>15-style photo call, with a tropical backdrop and a choice of matching accessories, provided a meeting point for many people to dress up and pose for FUJIFILM’s Instax instant cameras. Volunteers armed with cameras and smiles took pictures of everyone who was brave enough to overcome their embarrassment and have a good laugh. During the party there was also a draw for two FUJIFILM cameras, and two people went home with a gift: an Instax and a digital X-T10 with a XC16-50mm lens.

Artists, representatives of the Festival venues, visitors, sponsors and technological partner, collaborators, accomplices, PHOTOLOVERS and friends of DOCfield>15 turned the closing party into a timeless moment, joining us in celebration and encouraging us to continue working to make photography a tool for sensitization and personal growth for years to come. As Silvia Omedes, the director of Photographic Social Vision foundation, the Festival promotor, said, it is vital to “bring together rigour, sensibility and hard work” to continue with DOCfield>15, a city project. Once again, we’d like to thank you for making this third year possible, and would love to hear your ideas, comments and suggestions. We hope you have a great summer and will see you in the autumn when we’ll be announcing the new artistic direction and theme of the next festival. It’s a huge challenge, because the artist director for 2015, Jessica Murray, has set the bar very high. Thanks to her, this year sees the consolidation of the great Documentary Photography Festival that makes Barcelona a benchmark in the field of image throughout the months of May, June and July.

Fotografías de Joan Tomás, Mireia Plans, Nicolas Carvalho, Rodrigo Castro, Severine Sajous, Paula Ericsson y Silvia Omedes.

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