Daffke Hollstein

Philautia means recognition of and love for oneself. It involves reconciling what one is with one’s existence, and its practice means leaving self-pity to one side.

Self-Identities is a project in three phases, in which Hollstein lays himself bare to show the development of his self-love, channelling his personal evolution at a time of life crisis through images in a project of investigation and reaffirmation. A declaration of principles in the reconciliation of two conflicting, inalienable yet complementary identities in which philautia seeks to establish itself.

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Projekteria [Art Gallery]

Ricart, 19, 08004 – Barcelona

Tel.: +34 600846414

How to get there:

Metro: L3, parada Poble Sec

Bus D20, 121, 37


Opening Hours:

From Monday to Friday 4pm to 8pm

Other timetable with previous appointment.


Web: http://www.projekteria.net/

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