Blessed is the fruit. The holy war over Irish wombs

Olivia Harris

Every year three thousand  irish women, unable to get abortions in their own country, travel to Britain to end pregnancies. The controversial eighth amendment to the Irish Constitution gives a fetus the same right to life as its mother  from the moment of concepto, meaning terminations are not legal  in any circumstances. 

In 2012 Savita Halappanavar died after doctors refused her an abortion. Her death shocked Ireland and brought new awareness and energy to the campaign to repeal anti-abortion laws. The fight to win a referéndum on abortion was not just about women taking control of their bodies but also about changing their role in this traditional, Catholic country. 

On May 25th, 2018, the country voted overwhelmingly to renounce their abortion laws- which were amongst the most restrictive  in the world.

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