Documentary Photography Show

Laura Párraga, Bea Gandioso, Sara G. González, Juancho Everman, Sergi Amoedo, Roger Aran, Bárbara Martínez, Clara Pérez de Tudela, Miriam Fernández, Maider Abete y Alicia Ayala.

Love, like ideas, is an abstract entity that is not situated in time and does not occupy space. It is thought, nor perceived. Love as an abstract notion is the source of these 11 communicative visions of everyday individual and social life.

This photographic exhibition brings together these and other reflections on love and is divided into three ways of approaching and perceiving the subject: love as intimacy, as passion and as commitment.

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EASD Serra i Abella i ES DAP Hospitalet

Jerusalem, 2b, 08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

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Metro/FCG: Europa-Fira (L9,L8, S4, S8, S33, R5, R6)

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Timetable:  From 2 Novembre to 21 Decembre

Monday to Friday de 10am to 20pm.

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

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