Juanita Escobar

Love has its own geography, it is rooted and carved by the land in which it is born, by the culture that dreams it. 

“Llano” tells a story of love with a land, a way of life, and geography that outlines and gives consistence to this romance. A horseback riden love along these paths for six months of drought and six of water. 

An epic love for the horse, the land and the people that inhabit this land. 

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Universitat de Barcelona

University Historical Building Gardens & Pati de Lletres.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 585, 08007 Barcelona

Tel: 93 403 53 65

How to get there:

Metro: L1, L4 Universitat

Bus: H12, 63, 66, 50, 54, 6, 7.

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri, from 8 to 22h.

Web: www.ub.edu

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