Alicia Omedes

Fleeting and fantastic encounters captured by an intrepid 70-year-old woman equipped with a mobile and boundless curiosity and energy. Alicia observes, discovers and captures urban landscapes invaded by beings that come to life in the reflections of windows and shop fronts.

Wonderland seeks out and recreates almost impossible stories. A fast-paced, refreshing, humorous visual adventure that invites the viewer to take a fresh look at the city of Barcelona and its people.

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Galería Cromo

C/ Riera de Sant Miguel nº 27 local 1, 08006 Barcelona

How to get there

Metro: Diagonal

FFCC: Gracia


Thursday – Friday from 11 to 13:30 and from 17 to 20 h.

Web: www.galeriacromo.com

Facebook: Galeria Cromo

Instagram: @galeriacromo

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