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Cristian Palazzi holds a PhD in philosophy; he is specialized in the theory of interpretation, social philosophy and bioethics. He is currently director of PlayGround Do department, dedicated to innovation and social impact. He has taught applied ethics in different national and international universities. He is Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Ilunion Foundation.

PlayGround is a communication media for sharp minds that speaks of our generation. Its mission is to communicate the news from a creative, conscious and uninhibited perspective. Focused on telling the stories that must import and give the audience opportunities to participate, PlayGround seeks to awaken a new awareness in people and empower them with tools to create a more ethical, creative and participative world.



Ismael Nafria is a journalist, writer, consultant, teacher and lecturer expert in digital media.  He is currently journalist in residence in the Knight Centre for Journalism in the Americas, in the University of Texas, Austin (2016-17). Editor of the weekly newsletter Tendenci@s about digital media, he has also worked in the private sector, in management positions for digital media in Grupo Godó and Grupo Prisa.

The New York Times: connection with its users, the key to success.


Paula Garcia Serna is founder and co-director of Towards the Human City, a global initiative that identifies, documents and communicates 101 urban initiatives that make cities more livable. She currently works as analyst at Citymart and has previously worked as private sector development analyst at the World Bank as well as for the Catalan Government advising on procurement policies.

Fernando Casado Cañeque is founder and director of GlobalCAD, CAD Productions and co-director of Towards the Human City. He is a Ph.D. economist and journalist specialized in projects related to economic and sustainable development, author of several books and director of social documentaries addressing the challenges of achieving a sustainable and human development.

“Towards the Human City” documents inspiring stories that make cities more sustainable and inclusive. Its goal is to produce and distribute 101 videos of urban initiatives that inspire us to engage more with our cities and help us promote social transformation from the local territories.



Oscar Camps has been an entrepreneur in the maritime environment for 25 years. Among his enterprises, he created a specific one dedicated to the sea rescue, which in full season reaches up to 600 employees. After seeing pictures of children drowned in the Aegean Sea in September 2015, he decided to get involved. Realizing the total absence of aid to refugees, both on their way by sea in precarious conditions and when reaching the shores, he settled in Lesbos with a group of volunteers to save as many lives as possible.

Pro Activa Open Arms is an NGO from Badalona (Barcelona, Spain) which provides humanitarian aid in situations of emergency at sea. Their main mission is to rescue the refugees arriving by sea in Europe fleeing from wars, persecution or poverty. It originated from a company of first aid and rescue, with extensive experience on the Spanish coasts. In September 2015, they were the first NGO specialized in tasks of first aid to intervene off the coast of Lesbos (Greece). From June 2016, they are also present in the central Mediterranean sea with a medicalised boat to ensure surveillance and rescue at sea. Their multiple interventions have proved crucial to save the lives of thousands of people.



Danielle Villasana is an independent photojournalist whose personal documentary work focuses on women, identity, human rights and health. She is based in Istanbul. In 2013, she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin as a double-major in Photojournalism and Spanish. Danielle’s work on transgender women won the 2015 Magnum Foundation’s Inge Morath Award. In 2016, she joined The Everyday Project’s Community Team where she manages curations for @EverydayEverywhere and writes frequently about the Everyday community. Her work has been published in several international newspapers. TIME Lightbox recently featured her as one of 34 female photographers to follow.

Following the creation of Everyday Africa in 2012, an international movement began as likeminded storytellers worldwide created “Everyday” feeds on Instagram, transcending media stereotypes, promoting local norms, and celebrating global commonalities on the community, country, continent, and regional level. The Everyday Projects uses photography to challenge stereotypes that distort our understanding of the world. We are creating new generations of storytellers and audiences that recognize the need for multiple perspectives in portraying the cultures that define us. We are a network of journalists, photographers, and artists who have built Everyday social media narratives that delight, surprise, and inform as they confront stubborn misperceptions. We believe in developing visual literacy skills that can change the way we see the world.

Marcos GARCIA / ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists)


Marcos García Rey is a journalist, member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and research editor in the newspaper El Confidencial. He has participated in journalistic and academic projects since 2000. His works have seen the light in diverse Spanish and international media. Among his latest researches with ICIJ are The Panama Papers, Swiss Leaks and Looting the Seas, which have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for the 2017 in the Explanatory Reporting category.

Study case: the Panama Papers, origin, development, publication and impact.

Patrícia Plaja Perez


Patrícia Plaja (1981) graduated in journalism from the Universitat Ramon Llull and holds a master of entertainment in television. She has also followed courses of script and dubbing. During her university years, she combined studies with internships with TV3 and other means of communication, and her professional career started in written press in the newspaper El Punt Avui. From there she joined the radio (Radio Barcelona-Cadena Ser) where she was in charge of the field of police and judicial news. In 2008 she joined the communication area of Mossos d’Esquadra, which she runs currently, since the year 2014.

Mossos 2.0 or the importance of the virtual spokesman in crisis communication.



Jonàs Sala is co-founder and partner at Verkami, he holds a PhD in Physics. Verkami (love for creation in Esperanto) is a crowdfunding platform which is a referent all over Europe for independent creators. It was born in Barcelona in December 2010 thanks to the passion for creativity, art, and investigation of 2 sons and their father. Since then, they have worked closely with artists of all levels of creation in order to make possible more than 5,500 projects thanks to the contributions of about 700,000 fans.

Verkami is a platform of crowdfunding or collective funding that was born to enable artists, creators, initiatives and entities to bring their project to life with the complicity and the contributions of its public and all those who are interested in their proposal. Their mission is to democratize the cultural fact, based on the idea that anyone can bring forward his project if they find sufficient support and maintain independence at all times. The objective is to generate new sustainable relationships between the public and the consumer. They are committed to art and creativity, and projects that help to improve the environment in which we live. They are part of the network of solidarity economy of Catalunya (XESC).



Mª Ángeles Fernández, coordinator of Pikara Magazine, has a degree in journalism, as well as a Master in Globalization and Development with a specialization in International and Southern Information. She has worked in local, state and international media and, as a freelancer, have published in more than twenty national and Latin American media. Winner of the Dionisio Acedo 2013 Journalism Award, and honorable mention, along with the journalist J. Marcos, of the Youth Communication Award 2015 of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Pikara Magazine is an online magazine born in the year 2010 with the objective of offering a critical, feminist quality journalism, a place where to find articles that seldom appear in mainstream hegemonic medias. Thanks to the work of an extensive network of collaborators and the support of their partners, the project is independent and economically sustainable. In addition to the online magazine, which receives more than 200,000 monthly visits and won several awards, the five paper book versions published until now, Pikara is also a feminist communication project also providing collective agenda of activities – La Almanaka-, a feminist glossary in sign Language, and an online forum for discussion and exchange of materials and knowledge.

José Maria PIERA / SCPF


Jose Maria Piera is a celebrated publicist. Born in Barcelona in 1961, he worked in and created several advertising agencies, all of them with a very high creative profile, working for brands from a wide range of sizes and sectors, getting awarded with the most important prices at a national as well as international scale. He was also a jury and a speaker for most of the international festivals of his field. Married and father of three, he is currently a member of the patronage of Accionatura.org and of the executive comity of Barcelona Global.

Brands as social leaders.



Jessica Murray was born in England in 1972 and grew up in Kenya, England and the United States. She received a BA in History from Skidmore College, NY. She is currently based in Barcelona where she is the director of Al-liquindoi, a Spanish cultural association that she co-founded in 2004. Al-liquindoi provides training and support to documentary photographers in Spain and abroad.

Europa: An Illustrated Introduction to Europe for Migrants and Refugees”, is a collaborative book project developed with Magnum Photos, the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, and OnTheMove. The book, with 4 languages included in one volume (Arabic, Farsi, French and English) was published in November 2016 and distributed for free to migrants and refugees around Europe.



Roberto holds a degree in communication and a master in Digital Marketing Management. He began his professional career in the advertising world, working 2 years in agencies of the Group BBDDO, and then moved later towards the digital world. After a year in Apple and 4 years with TravelClick, he is currently a consultant of E-commerce in the tourism industry working with Sabre, an American multinational. More than four years ago, his passion for music led him to direct Sofar Sounds Barcelona

Founded in 2010 in London and now and based… all over the place, Sofar is an expanding community of artists and music lovers. Since they started, they have managed to position themselves as a reference for concerts in a small format in the local music industry, engaged in collaborations with different brands and festivals such as the Primavera Sound in Barcelona. This last September they joined forces with Amnesty International, celebrating simultaneous secret concerts in 60 countries of the world, in order to contribute in their own way to the current refugees’ crisis.



David Campbell, from Australia, is a writer, professor and producer, who analyses visual storytelling and creates new visual stories. He holds a PhD in international relations and for more than twenty years has taught visual culture, geography and politics at universities in the US, Australia and the UK. He is the author of six books and more than 60 articles, and has produced visual projects on the Bosnian War, imaging famine, and the visual economy of HIV-AIDS.

World Press Photo Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization based in AmsterdamNetherlands. Founded in 1955, the organization is known for holding an annual press photography contest. A primary objective of the organization is to support professional photojournalism on a wide international scale through the World Press Photo Academy. It aims to stimulate developments in photojournalism, encourage the transfer of knowledge, help develop high professional standards in visual journalism and promote a free and unrestricted exchange of information.



Graduated in International Business Economics, with experience in the field of microfinance and social entrepreneurship in developing countries. She is part of the team of Ideas for Change , specialized in the study and design of collaborative, open and exponential models. Part of the team who developed the Pentagrowth methodology. Active member of OuiShare at a local and international level.

Ideas for change with Pentagrowth, design for exponential growth.
Pentagrowth proposes a new point of view on the key elements for exponential growth in the digital environment of the XXIst Century. The study was developed from the analysis of 50 enterprises that grew more than 50% in users and revenue during 5 consecutive years. Pentagrowth proposes a framework for analysis and reflection, which invites emerging organizations to design themselves from new networks, to combine the available elements in the ecosystem differently and develop new interactions among all those involved as participants.





Silvia Omedes is director of the Photographic Social Vision Foundation since 2001. She also personally manages its professional department.She holds a degree in fine arts from the New School for Social Research in New York. A cultural manager, independent curator, photographer’s agent, editor, she also is a guest teacher of documentary photography in several Photography schools.She is a member of the Nominating Committee of young talents for the World Press Photo Foundation.



Director of Communication of Oxfam Intermón, she accumulates more than 15 years of experience as communication specialist in social and cultural organizations in Spain, France and Colombia. Holding a degree in journalism as well as a master in Political Science, she has led international projects of communication about humanitarian crises, inequalities and women rights.




She holds a Masters in Marketing and Management International and is a former student of photography at the IDEP Barcelona School. She has worked for many years in the private sector in the field of luxury, managing developments and launches. Enthusiastic about the mission of the foundation, she joined the great team of Photographic Social Vision, for the coordination of this project.